What We Do

We help our clients get to and sustain net zero, in a rapidly changing world, with the best possible holistic return for their investment.

We do this with a unique approach and a commitment to respectful relationships. This is as important for our clients today as it is for our kids (and the world) in the future.

What Problems We Solve

How do I build a successful net zero strategy?

Done correctly, a net zero strategy becomes the key driver for reducing costs, improving market position and catalysing business model innovation in an organisation. A successful strategy is practical and goal-oriented, engages the right stakeholders at the right time and is designed to fit with existing systems and processes to ensure successful implementation
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How do I drive meaningful progress towards net zero in my organisation?

Once your net zero strategy has been developed and approved, the real work can begin. Implementing a net zero strategy will require the organisation to have access to extensive technical expertise, project management capabilities and the appropriate systems to streamline the data and performance tracking process.

2XE can be your outsourced net zero and our ESG management team can help drive projects and programs to achieve the outcomes set in the strategy, aided by our proprietary tools and purpose-built software. Click here to learn more about how we can solve this and other management problems for you
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How do I make a cost-effective transition to 100% renewable energy?

There is much a company can do to reduce its energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. From equipment and process efficiency improvements and rooftop solar PV, through to electrification (to eliminate gas consumption) and adopting renewable fuel alternatives. A company can also explore the option of purchasing renewable electricity through the growing range of options in the market. 2XE has an extensive track record and expertise in helping clients to transition to 100% renewable energy in a commercially attractive way. Click here to learn more about how we can solve this and other technical problems for you.
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How do I reduce my company’s value chain (Scope 3) emissions?

For most organisations, their value chain represents the largest proportion of their overall greenhouse emissions footprint. This can also be the hardest to deal with, especially given that most organisations have no direct control over how their suppliers and customers generate greenhouse gas emissions. 2XE’s recent experience with its clients however has identified that addressing value chain emissions can present an unparalleled opportunity for an organisation to rethink its business model, products and services, and position itself to win in a future net zero economy. Click here to learn more about how we can solve this problem for you.
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