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What We Do

With a distinctive strategy and dedication to collaborative interactions, we aid businesses in reaching and maintaining net zero. This is crucial for both our clients right now and our children (and the rest of the planet) in the future.
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How We Do It

We apply a unique mix of skill sets, IP and technologies to guide our clients to a position of net zero with improved commercial sustainability over the long term.
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Success Stories

Maximizing organisations’ potential to achieve their climate goals. See how we have made an impact.
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About Us

What makes us an ideal partner?

Our track record of success is based on a unique approach and commitment to our respectful relationships with clients.

Our Core Team

The heartbeat of 2XE is its team of extremely competent people who all share similar values, passion for sustainability and sense of humor.

Our Extended Team

2XE is fortunate to have found and developed longstanding relationships with a select group of partner consulting firms across a range of different skillsets. We work closely and collaboratively to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Team Member Qualifications and Certifications

  • Sally Townsend, Head of Sustainability, Blackmores

    Sustainability and engineering expertise, highly responsive and consistent delivery. That’s Team 2XE

    “Blackmores has enjoyed a successful partnership with 2XE since 2018.  They bring a depth of engineering expertise that is highly complementary to the engineering and sustainability capability within our business.
    The team is highly responsive and always delivers.
    Nick keeps us informed of evolving market insights and grant opportunities which has enabled our clean energy strategy to be dynamic and adaptive as we progress our commitment to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2030.”
  • Lisa Parker, Technical Manager, Calabria Family Wines

    2XE is experienced in tailoring Implementation support to help your business reach energy management goals

    "2XE provided great support and tailored the training to the specific needs of our business. I’ve been able to implement many energy saving initiatives with the support of the 2XE team and would highly recommend their services. I valued the coaching I received and the practical systems that were developed.”
  • Matt Lang, Chief Operations Officer, G’day Group (Discovery Holiday Parks)

    Committed and focused on best quality outcomes for your business, 2XE can be your dedicated energy and carbon partner to help bring lasting net zero results

    “2XE has been the G'Day Group's energy and carbon Partner for the past four years, and have a played a crucial role in decarbonising our company's growing portfolio of parks and resorts. They are a highly professional team that go to great lengths to provide the best-quality outcomes possible, but even more impressive is the level of commitment they put into building a long-term relationship with us that delivers real and lasting results for our company. As we rise to the challenge of achieving net zero emissions, the G'Day Group takes comfort in knowing that Nick, Steve and the 2XE team are there to help us every step of the way.”
  • Fiona Whatley, CEO, Springhill Farm

    2XE helps you create a plan with  meaningful and achievable outcomes - this guides your net zero success.

    “We commissioned 2XE to conduct a Type 2 Carbon Audit and a Pathway to NetZero plan for Springhill Farm. 2XE data collection methods were very thorough, enabling us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the businesses carbon emissions. The team then worked with us, including an on-site visit and assessment from one of their engineers; to audit the business and find areas of quick wins and longer-term strategic goals. We were very happy with the plan they presented at the completion of the project and believe that because of the extensive nature of their assessment including business case for different recommendations, we are well placed to achieve the pathway set out for us.” 
  • Paul Waterson, CEO, Australian Venue Co

    2XE helps you implement your strategy ensuring that you achieve meaningful outcomes.

    “For many years we have been keen to get started on a strategy to reduce our emissions only to pause because of the complexity. The 2XE team were outstanding in not only helping us to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions, but also in building a clear pathway to look to reduce them. They are one of those rare group of consultants that not only provide advice, they actually help you implement ensuring that you achieve meaningful outcomes.” 
  • Kaushik Sridhar, ESG thought leader & author of The Art of Winging It

    With a unique and strategic approach, 2XE can bring solutions to the most complex challenges

    “2XE have been an invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for some of my previous energy efficiency projects. Nick and his team brought a unique combination of skills to sustainability and energy efficiency and are often sought out to tackle the most complex and integrated challenges. As a strategic thinker and consultant, he and 2XE are ideally placed to tackle projects relating to energy, decarbonisation and net zero strategy.”
  • Elissa Klinkenberg, Sustainability Manager, Hunter New England Health

    With 2XE’s expertise and tailored approach, will help you confidently bring your net zero strategy to reality

    “Our journey with the 2XE team has been nothing but professional and rewarding. The complexities of establishing a net zero pathway for a healthcare setting didn’t stop the team from providing excellent expertise and guidance, which have allowed us to successfully implement our net zero strategy with confidence.”
  • Treasury Wine Estates

    2XE’s commitment to fully understanding your business will bring the best solutions

    “Too often do consultants rebadge existing company information and sell it back as a service. 2XE take a refreshing approach, by going to great lengths to understand and meet customer needs. They are not afraid to do the ‘hard yards’ in the process of delivering extremely solid, well researched, and thorough solutions.”
  • Udder delights

    Experienced and insightful, the 2XE team help you find solutions with the best return on investment

    “We found it really easy working with 2XE. They certainly opened our eyes to both simple solutions that are cost effective with a very good return on investment. They are obviously very smart guys whose experience and insight would benefit anyone wanting to run a leaner smarter operation.”

  • Golden North

    2XE is committed to bringing you success on your net zero journey

    “I had the privilege to work with Nick which resulted in our successful AusIndustry Clean Technology grant application. The whole experience from the initial meeting to the end was outstanding and good practice.

    The customer service and dedication was exceptional, and those who work with you for their high level of professionalism.”
  • Global Rotomoulding

    2XE is dedicated to thoroughly understanding their clients needs to help find the most effective solutions

    "Global Rotomoulding engaged 2XE to undertake a resource assessment practically looking at Material Assessment. Throughout the whole process, the staff involved were professional and respectful with the ability to listen to gain insights into Global operations. The outcome of the assessment provides simple and effective solutions to a range of identified issues. The service provided was exceptional."

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