Have a silly, yet sustainable, season

Dec 20, 2021

Nobody likes a Grinch at Christmas time – and we certainly don’t want to dampen anyone’s festive spirit.

At 2XE, we aim to educate and make you aware of the impact Christmas puts on the environment. It might just even give you a little nudge to make your Christmas that little more environmentally friendly too.

A recent article by Junkee touches on this very subject. It states: “The amount of waste we produce increases by 30% at Christmas. Every year in Australia, nearly 5 million tonnes of food go straight into landfill, and we get through about 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper. That’s enough to go around the whole of Australia six times AND the amount of money Australians spend on Christmas presents is around 11 billion dollars, and about 20 million of the gifts we actually give, people don’t even want.”

That’s pretty eye-opening!

But there are little things to keep in mind and actions we can take – such as being mindful of the materials your decorations are made of, if you’re opting for a plastic tree, look to purchase a good quality one so it goes the distance over many years and here’s a great one – the #onesecond campaign which encourages people to source at least one secondhand item, instead of a new one, to help reduce waste.

There is some silver lining – about 90% of Australians make an effort to recycle in some way – well done Aussies!

That was reflected last week in an article by Sky News – Scott Morrison launched the “ReMade in Australia” initiative encouraging families to shop for recyclable gifts this Christmas.

The story states “redirecting waste into recycling over landfill was creating three times the number of jobs. This is about jobs but it’s also about our environment.  We’re turning tyres into roads; we’re turning plastics into toys and we’re turning plastics into fuels as well.”

At 2XE, we want to encourage all Australians to consider the planet and our environment this Christmas – a small change can make a big difference.

From all of us here at 2XE, we wish the many international, national and local companies that we have worked collaboratively with, readers and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a great 2022.

Read the Junkee and Sky News articles here:

  • https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/scott-morrison-encourages-families-to-shop-for-recyclable-gifts-this-christmas-as-part-of-remade-in-australia-campaign/news-story/cefb00871389bbf05fd99fb8093b6747
  • https://junkee.com/christmas-waste-environment/283188