Government Promises to Cut Emissions

Oct 26, 2021

It’s official – Australia is promising to make the nation carbon-neutral with a new plan that will see net-zero emissions by 2050.

The ABC reported on the announcement today with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying the Government is planning on investing more than $20 billion into low emissions technologies which will see Australia on track to cut emissions by 30-35 per cent by 2030.

Let’s have a look at where the investments will land:

  • Soil carbon sequestration – where carbon is removed from the atmosphere and stored in soil
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Production of low-emissions steel and other ways to reduce energy use
  • Delivery of ultra-low-cost solar power below $15 per megawatt-hour
  • Using clean hydrogen to lower fuel emissions

The article further explains that clean hydrogen is seen by the government as a potentially zero-emission fuel, however, obtaining a pure form of hydrogen involves processes that can produce high emissions – “Only “green” hydrogen is produced entirely through renewable power and has zero emissions. The government’s plan for “clean hydrogen” will see fuel made using both renewables and energy from gas.”

And another positive to come out of the plan – a further 62,000 jobs will be created in regional mining and heavy industry.

It’s great to read that the Government is committed to the new plan and jumping on board with what we at 2XE are already passionate about. We work collaboratively with many international, national and local companies to develop clean strategies and specific needs of businesses and operations. Give us a call if you want to speak to our team of experts to boost efficiency and maximise profitability.

Read the ABC article here: