Could Australia Reach Net Zero Emissions in Less Than 15 Years?

Oct 21, 2021

The Australian Energy Market Operator – which is responsible for managing gas and electricity markets and systems in Australia – is currently modelling five specific scenarios targeting net zero emissions by 2035.

Hydrogen SuperPower is one of the most important scenarios and is consistent with global efforts to limit average global warming to 1.5C. The scenario involves the development of power systems to support the creation of a renewable hydrogen export economy. This scenario assumes that grid emissions have already fallen to zero by 2035 – that means no burning of fossil fuels for electricity, a huge increase in wind and solar, including rooftop installations, batteries, and the end to sales of new petrol and diesel cars, according to Renew Economy. The hard work in this scenario is achieving the target of zero grid emissions by 2035.

The scenarios form part of the Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report which delivers a blueprint of what is needed to manage the renewables transition and shows Australia the choices it has when it comes to climate change. This includes “a rapid transition with investment, jobs, lower emissions and lower energy prices, to bleak outcomes where fossil fuels prosper but little else does”, the article stated.

SBS News reported on the scenarios as well and noted that they would make Australia economically stronger, it stated: “One scenario, dubbed “step change”, involved a rapid, coordinated and an economy-wide move towards renewables. Renewable energy would become more affordable more quickly”.

Our team here at 2XE is passionate about the environment and climate change, and we consider these scenarios important. That’s why we are doing our part, working collaboratively with businesses to create optimum strategies for business environments.

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