Australia’s First Zero Emissions Leisure Centre

Oct 6, 2021

How amazing is this? In an Australian first, an all-electric, zero-emissions indoor leisure and aquatic centre is taking shape in Melbourne’s west, which boasts a combination of energy-efficient design, smart energy technologies and a renewable power purchase agreement.

One Step Off the Grid recently reported on the construction of the $60 million facility – which was awarded up to $1.53 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to go towards the implementation and demonstration – and potential future replication – of the project’s $8.1 million integrated energy solution.

The article highlighted: “The solution will include a four-pipe heat pump system that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, including water-to-water heat recovery that will provide whole-of-facility heating for all spaces at the facility, including pools and showers”.

This project proved a major step forward in creating a sustainable design. If your business is committed to taking those first steps in energy efficiency, much like the aquatic centre, our staff create and deliver programs and provide pathways to get you to where you need to go and grow your business in a sustainable manner.

Read the One Step Off the Grid article here: