Business Productivity Specialists

Our Team

Nick Palousis, Founder & CEO

Nick has spent over decade of his career working with businesses to implement technical and commercial solutions for improving resource productivity. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries including Agribusiness, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Education, Finance, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Infrastructure, Insurance, Investment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Property, Wine, Tourism, State Government and Urban Development sectors. He has worked on engagements across Australia and abroad, including Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UK and the US. Nick holds a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Hons 1) and Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science from Adelaide University. He is a former Young South Australian of the Year and recipient of the British Council Eureka Prize for his work in resource productivity.

Steven Szyndler, Technical Director

Steve leads the delivery of 2XE’s technical services coming from a background in engineering, project, risk and sustainability management. With a drive to help businesses better understand and maximise the opportunities emerging through sustainable practices, he works with clients across areas of process, technology, management and design to find, assess and implement the most effective solutions for their resource productivity needs. Prior to this, Steve held positions in the defence contractor sector where he worked as an engineer and project manager with cross-organisational project teams in the delivery and enhancement of complex technical systems and support of business process improvements. Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons 1), Mathematics and Computer Science from Adelaide University. Steve’s post graduate work includes a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from UniSA, SAI Global Advanced Diploma of Environmental Management Systems as well as certificates in project management and workplace training and assessment. Steve’s SAI Global training incorporates Lead Auditor and energy and carbon accounting qualifications.

James McIntyre, Associate

James is a chemist by trade and has worked in management based positions. Over the past decade he has worked in a variety of industries including agriculture, wine and minerals processing industries. More recently he has spent time in the federal government working with businesses to promote productivity and sustainability. James brings a wealth of experience and business networks to help tailor effective business and technical solutions. James specialises in team building and leadership strategies and is passionate about maintaining good customer relationships and genuinely helping businesses prosper. James holds a Bachelor of Science from Adelaide University majoring in chemistry / immunology and post graduate work includes a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from UniSA and Diplomas in Business Management. James has also undertaken several auditing certificates in both the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

Anna Pfarr, Associate

Anna Pfarr works as a project consultant on 2XE’s energy audit and resource productivity services. Since joining 2XE, Anna has been heavily involved in the developing ‘the business case’ for investing in clean technology for food, wine and foundry businesses and converting these business cases into submissions for the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment program. She has also assisted in the collection and analysis of energy, water and waste data for a variety of food, foundry and wine businesses. Additional she assisted in the review of EPA regulations and guidelines for various projects. She brings with her and enthusiasm for environmentally sustainable business practices and a passion for delivering practical solutions. Anna is a post-graduate from the University of South Australia (MEnvtMan&Sust., 2012).

Peter Stasinopoulos, Associate

Peter is a senior engineer to 2XE’s technical services, providing technical support in evaluating energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for the commercial buildings sector. Peter’s technical speciality is ‘whole system design’, an innovative process whereby the whole manufacturing process is considered when designing technical solutions for certain parts of the system. He is the lead author for the book, Whole System Engineering (Earthscan, 2010), and his methodologies for optimising systems for multiple benefits have been well-published in a variety of international journals. Peter holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons 1), Mathematics and Computer Science from Adelaide University, a Masters of Engineering from the University of South Australia, and a PhD (Whole System Design) from Australia National University.