Business Productivity Specialists


Our clients span a variety of sectors and applications – from corporate to SMEs, from government departments to commercial infrastructure and urban development projects. We have worked with businesses and governments on projects related to the following sectors:

  • Agribusiness
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government – Local, State and Federal
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Industry
  • Infrastructure and Urban development
  • Tourism
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Wine


We’re proud to have an extensive portfolio of clients who have been happy with our work and are more than willing to refer and vouch for us. Below is a snapshot of what some of them have to say.

“Too often do consultants rebadge existing company information and sell it back as a service. 2XE take a refreshing approach, by going to great lengths to understand and meet customer needs. They are not afraid to do the ‘hard yards’ in the process of delivering extremely solid, well researched, and thorough solutions.”

Rohan Wighton, Treasury Wine Estates

“2XE have not only provided the service promised but exceeded expectations with the level of commitment and detail delivered.”

Mandy Gerhardy, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

“I had the privilege to work with 2XE which resulted in our successful AusIndustry Clean Technology grant application. The whole experience from the initial meeting to the end was outstanding practice. The customer service and dedication was exceptional, and thanks 2XE for their high level of professionalism.”

Peter Adamo, Golden North Ice Cream

"The Australian Foundry Institute (AFI), engaged 2XE as a partner on two energy efficiency projects for the industry. The 2XE team applied an extremely professional approach in all levels of each project: from 'one-to-one' business engagement; to presenting to larger groups; in the content and quality of project support documents and project outcomes. Each member is forthcoming with innovative ideas and suggestions and we have found their knowledge to be vast and substantial. They are honest in their responses and if they don’t have the immediate answer will research the subject matter and provide a valuable response. The AFI National Council would not hesitate to work with 2XE again in the future and would recommend their services to any business looking to achieve positive project outcomes."

Janice Collett, Australian Foundry Institute

“We found it really easy working with 2XE. They certainly opened our eyes to both simple solutions that are cost effective with a very good return on investment. They are obviously very smart guys whose experience and insight would benefit anyone wanting to run a leaner, smarter operation.”

Sheree Sullivan, Udder Delights

“2XE conducted an Energy and waste efficiency audit on our business which was quite complex due to the different locations and uses of each site. This was done with minimal fuss and interruption to our daily work schedules. The report back was comprehensive and provided us with guidance on what we needed to do next. 2XE are professional and have added a level of integrity to our business that will take us to the next level in operating an environmentally conscious operation that is continually striving to improve.”

Andrew Buttery, Gemtree Wines


Some of the companies we’ve worked with:

  • Almondco
  • SA Mushrooms

Case Example: SA Mushrooms

SA Mushrooms is a South Australian producer of White Button and Swiss Brown mushrooms which are sold under the SA Mushrooms brand and also for bulk distribution in supermarkets. 2XE were engaged by SA Mushrooms to undertake a productivity assessment of the growing facility. The productivity assessment involved the identification of process and equipment improvements that:

  • Seek to overcome process bottlenecks and capture opportunities for building capacity
  • Maximising resource efficiency and effectiveness (labour, energy, water, waste, materials).

Following the assessment SA Mushrooms further engaged 2XE through the Zero Waste SA Industry Program to explore methods for product diversification and commercialise new products.

Commercial Buildings

Projects we’ve worked on:

  • BC4EUA Program
  • Review of Green Building Innovation Fund

Case Example: Business Case for Environmental Upgrade Agreement (BC4EUA) program

2XE were engaged by ClimateWorks and Sustainable Melbourne Fund to assist with the development and roll-out of the BC4EUA online tool and communications program across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The purpose of the program was to provide help accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency retrofits in the Australian commercial, retail and industrial property market through the use of Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs).

As part of the program 2XE also conducted 10 Level 2 energy audits for a selected group of buildings across NSW, SA and VIC.

Food & Beverage

Companies we have worked with:

  • Angelakis Brothers
  • Bickfords
  • Emmaline’s
  • Enzo’s at Home
  • Fergusons Australia
  • Fruit Wise
  • Gelista
  • Golden North
  • Kyton’s Bakery
  • La Casa del Fromaggio
  • Lifestyle Bakery
  • Maggie Beer Products
  • Mexican Express
  • Mitani Products
  • Mitolo Group
  • Mildura Fruit Company
  • Nippy’s
  • Olga’s Fine Foods
  • Skala Bakery
  • Skara Smallgoods
  • Spring Gully Foods
  • Sunfresh Salads
  • Tobalong Tomatos
  • The Yoghurt Shop
  • The Better Drinks Company
  • Thomas Foods International
  • Tucker’s Natural
  • Udder Delights
  • Wintulichs

Case Example: Golden North Ice Cream

2XE worked with Golden North Ice Cream to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption of it manufacturing facility. The identified opportunities reduced energy consumption by 40% through a major refrigeration overhaul. The upgrade also provided for a 43% in plant capacity and reduced the time it takes to harden ice cream by 50%, thereby significantly improving production capacity. 2XE further assisted Golden North with receiving $885,000 in grant funding and low-interest finance from the Clean Technology Investment Program and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Download full case study

2XE have also worked closely with Food South Australia and government bodies such as Zero Waste SA to develop toolkits and guides to assist the industry become more productive and sustainable, such as:

Government - Local, State & Federal

2XE have worked closely with all levels of government across Australia on a suite of initiatives – from the roll-out of productivity-related programs to industry, through to the development of departmental strategies and internal productivity improvement projects. Our government clients include:


  • AusIndustry
  • Department of Industry
  • Department of Environment
  • Enterprise Connect
  • Regional Development Australia


  • Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (South Australia)
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (South Australia)
  • Department of Primary Industries, and Regions (South Australia)
  • Department of State Development (South Australia)
  • Office of Environment and Heritage (New South Wales)
  • Sustainability Advantage (New South Wales) • Sustainability Victoria (Victora) • Zero Waste SA (South Australia)


  • Cowra City Council (New South Wales)
  • Playford City Council (South Australia)


Projects we have worked on include:

  • Sanofi ANZ sustainability strategy
  • Sustainable Private Hospitals Network

Case Example: Sanofi ANZ

2XE assisted Sanofi Australia and New Zealand with defining a business strategy and plan for the prioritisation and adoption of sustainable practices within the organisation. The process involved direct engagement with the CEO and senior executive (this engagement was conducted via the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program).

Case Example: Sustainable Private Hospitals Network

2XE were engaged by the NSW Government to facilitate a strategy and business case development working session to the Sustainable Private Hospitals Network. The purpose of our involvement was to up-skill participants in developing clear and compelling business cases for the adoption of resource efficiency and productivity improvements in their assets (hospitals).

Heavy Industries

  • BradkenCastech
  • Dobbie Dico
  • Downs Aluminium Casting
  • Excelsior Diecasting
  • Galvin Engineering
  • Incitec Pivot Limited
  • IXL Metal Casting
  • J Belshaw
  • Keech
  • Mett
  • New Castalloy
  • P&W Marine
  • Spunaloy
  • Tooling and General Heat Treatment
  • Trigg Brothers
  • Veem
  • White Industries

Case Example: Foundry Industry Energy Efficiency Toolkit

2XE has worked in partnership with the national Australian Foundry Institute (AFI) to develop and roll-out the Foundry Industry Energy Efficiency Toolkit. The Foundry Industry Energy Efficiency Toolkit provides decision-makers of SME foundry businesses with the guidance and tools to both assess their potential for energy efficiency improvements, and gather enough evidence to make an informed decision around investing in these improvements, or undertake further business case assessment. Furthermore the toolkit provides businesses with additional practical information, templates for collecting energy data and links to other resources. 2XE also prepared and delivered an extension program consisting of workshops and webinars to the industry. The Toolkit is available on the AFI website.

Infrastructure & Urban Development

2XE have been involved in a variety of different infrastructure and urban development projects such as:

Tonsley Park Sustainable Industries Precinct Redevelopment project. 2XE was selected as a Lead Sustainability and Cleantech Advisor to the Design Consortium (Woods Bagot, KPMG, Parsons Brinckerhoff) in charge of developing the Site’s Master plan and business case for redevelopment.

CLEAN (Cowra) BioHub Development Project. CLEAN (Cowra) Inc. is a community based organisation, located in Cowra (New South Wales). The primary objective of CLEAN (Cowra) Inc. is to advocate the development of a decentralised, self-sufficient, and productive community and industry through the productive use of natural resources in the region. 2XE have been working with CLEAN (Cowra) Inc. on establishing the feasibility of a regional BioHub that would service the needs of the local agricultural/horticultural industries.

To date 2XE’s involvement in the project has included:

  • Strategy development
  • Detailed stakeholder mapping and development of a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Detailed investor mapping
  • Stakeholder facilitation.

Playford City Council - Eco-Industrial Precinct feasibility. 2XE were engaged by Playford City Council to assess the feasibility of the development of Edinburgh North as an Eco Industrial Precinct. The project included:

  • Geographical mapping to identify major connections of resource utilisation such as heat, energy, water and waste
  • Evaluate the benefits of the project
  • Outlining key areas of what needs to be done on the ground such as; hard infrastructure and governance to facilitate such a project.


Taronga Conservation Society (Taronga Zoo)
2XE are working with Taronga Conservation Society on a variety of sustainability and strategy projects, including:

  • Developing a set of (both) practical and aspirational targets to drive and guide Taronga’s sustainability agenda as the organisation moves towards a Conservation Society model over the next 5 years, and ideally place it as the world-leader in sustainable zoo and conservation practices.
  • Developing a decision-making tool for actively considering sustainability-related considerations into key decision-making functions and major projects of Taronga.



2XE have partnered with ElectraNet of two previous projects, Waterloo Sustainability Strategy and The Adelaide Central Reinforcement (ACR) project. Both of these projects involved:

  • Assessment of design-related aspects and plans against Sustainable Development (SD) performance criteria (aligned with ESAA Sustainable Development principles and Australian Green Infrastructure Council rating scheme) – includes performance across Energy, Water, Waste, Materials, Greenhouse Emissions, Environmental Management, Governance, Community etc.
  • Identification and suggestion of practical/commercially realistic opportunities to improve SD performance of the asset and overall project performance/efficiency
  • And for the ACR project; the development of a draft ACR Project Sustainability Strategy: A project-wide Sustainability Strategy to provide direction to the successful supplier and ElectraNet project staff on the integration and governance of sustainable development throughout the project life cycle.


Electrix are a leading provider of engineering, construction and maintenance services to asset owners in the utility, industrial, commercial, resource and infrastructure sectors.

2XE have been engaged by Electrix to assist with the implementation of Lean practices into their current gas-main rehabilitation project in South Australia, along with establishing a lean framework which can be applied across their existing and future projects. The program is designed to assist with improving productivity, safety and quality of Electrix’s gas-mains rehabilitation project.

2XE are using our four key Lean Production & Construction steps to integrate Lean practices into Electrix’s operations, these include:

  • Step 1: Establishing Performance Objectives & Metrics
  • Step 2: Identify Waste in the Process
  • Step 3: Implement Lean/Six Sigma Practices
  • Step 4: Monitoring & Continuous Improvement


2XE have worked with a variety of winery businesses on projects that improve the productivity and profitability of their operations. These businesses include:

  • Accolade
  • Belvedere
  • Best Bottlers
  • Belnaves of Coonawarra
  • Bird in Hand
  • Bremerton Wines
  • Brokenwood Wines
  • Burnbrae Wines
  • Campbells Wines
  • Chapell Hill Wines
  • Cape Jaffa Wines
  • Coriole Vineyards
  • Dorrien Estate
  • Gemtree Vineyards
  • Henschke Wines
  • Kay Brothers
  • Katnook Estate
  • Langmeil
  • Lodestone
  • Linestone Coast Wines
  • Mallee Estate Wines
  • McLaren Vintners
  • Murray St Vineyards
  • Mollydooker
  • Orlando Wines – Rowland Flat & Richmond Grove
  • Portavin
  • Revenir
  • Rutherglen Estate
  • Schild Estate
  • Shaw & Smith
  • Simon Hackett Wines
  • Step Rd Winery (Make Wines Australia)
  • Taylors
  • Torresan Estate
  • Treasury Wines (multiple sites)
  • Wirra Wirra
  • Yalumba
  • Other wine-related businesses such as Tarac Technologies.

2XE have also worked closely with government bodies such as the Australian Grape and Wine Authority, Zero Waste SA and the SA Wine Industry Association to develop toolkits and guides to assist the industry become more productive, efficient and sustainable, such as: 

The following videos introduce the WEST Toolkit and case studies:

Clip 1: Introducing the WEST Toolkit
Clip 2: Case Study from the WEST Toolkit
Clip 3: How to use the WEST Toolkit